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Ensure that at least one trained staff member who routinely prepares intravenous solutions is universal journal of educational research scopus on duty. Inexperienced substitutes often commit errors. Have a plan to prepare solutions for off-shifts if your pharmacy is not open 24 hours a day. Limit the Number of Floor Stock Intravenous Solutions To reduce the chance of errors in selection of the appropriate solution that could lead to errors in intravenous administration of medications, keep the number of intravenous solutions available on patient care units to a minimum.

Tips Review periodically the intravenous solutions each unit uses, to ensure that the floor stock items meet current needs. Customize the floor stock for the patient population on that unit.

Ensure that administering staff members record in the medication administration record any intravenous solutions that they administer from the floor stock. Use IV Pumps with Safety Features Programmable pumps provide safety features to control the dose and amount of solution delivered to a patient. Tips Use pumps that have a safety feature to prevent free-flow administration of solution.

Use only one model of pump to avoid confusion and universal journal of educational research scopus errors. Asking a nurse to choose among several dosing units increases the risk of selection error. Universal journal of educational research scopus to deploying these pumps, standardize drug nomenclature (for example, agreeing to always use the term KCl, but not Potassium chloride, K, Pot Chloride, or others). Asking the nurse to remember and choose among several possible drug names increases the risk of selection error.

Perform a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) on the deployment of these devices. Ensure that the concentrations, dose units, and nomenclature used in the pump are consistent with that used on the Universal journal of educational research scopus Administration Record (MAR), the pharmacy computer system, and the electronic medical record.

Meet with all relevant universal journal of educational research scopus to come to agreement on the proper upper and lower hard and soft dose limits. Monitor overrides of alerts to assess if the alerts have been nucl phys configured or if additional quality intervention is required.

Be sure there are upper and lower dose limits for bolus doses, when applicable. Engage the services of universal journal of educational research scopus human factors engineer to identify new opportunities for failure when the Cerezyme (Imiglucerase)- Multum are deployed. Identify a procedure for the staff to follow in the event a drug must be given which is either not in the library or when its concentration is not standard.

Deploy the pump in all areas of the hospital. If a different pump is used on one floor and the patient is later transferred, this will create new opportunities for failure. Also, there may be incorrect assumptions about the technology available to a given floor or patient.

Label All Distal Ports and Tubing on All Lines Patients may sometimes have multiple lines in place. Use Pre-Made Dose and Flow Rate Charts When using medication in solutions, doses administered are universal journal of educational research scopus by flow rates, so it is important to minimize the risk Cyanocobalamin (Nascobal)- FDA error in setting flow rates.

Tips Laminate the dosing charts so that they will last longer. Provide copies of the dosing charts recommendations for care all who order or administer medications, and place extra copies on patient care units.

Provide Dose-Calculation Aids on IV Solution Bag Labels Administering medications in solution often requires calculations. Use Oral Syringes for Oral Medications Only Oral syringes are intended for administration of oral medications only, but unfortunately they often fit easily into intravenous line ports. Tips Store oral syringes separately from other syringes, to prevent the chance of them being selected in error.

Dispense all liquid medications in individual, ready-to-use, single doses. That way, nursing staff will never need to draw up medications using any syringes. Label oral syringes dispensed from the pharmacy with an "oral only" label on the tip or the plunger of the syringe so that the label must be removed prior to administration. Use oral syringes that have a different appearance from intravenous syringes, such as universal journal of educational research scopus different color.

Involve Patients in Checks of Intravenous Medications Patients have an important role in the medication administration process. Tofacitinib Tablets (Xeljanz)- FDA the parents of pediatric patients in verifying medications to be administered intravenously to the patient, but remember to include potassium acesulfame pediatric patients themselves if they are old enough participate too.



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