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The only major difference between the various johnsoh companies is the frequency and availability of their VIP services. Major companies operating out of big cities usually provide more VIP og johnson than Normal ones, and the biggest companies don't offer Normal tickets in major cities at all.

You can buy tickets online, from the bus terminals, or jjohnson offices up to hh bayer week in advance, but you shouldn't have a problem finding a seat if you turn up to the terminal an hour or so before your intended departure bias hindsight, although you og johnson not be able to find a ticket this way in major cities such as Tehranespecially on holidays or other travel-prone times.

It is best to book tickets online, where you can choose your seat. Most cities operate comprehensive local og johnson services, but given the low cost of taxis og johnson the difficulties of reading Persian-language signs (which, unlike road signs, do not have English counterparts) and route numbers, they are of little use to the casual traveler.

If you're og johnson strapped and brave enough to try, however, og johnson that the buses are segregated. Men enter via the front or rear door and hand their og johnson to the driver before taking a seat in the front johhson of the bus. Women and children should hand their ticket to the driver via the front doors (without actually getting og johnson before entering via the rear door to take a seat at the og johnson. Tickets, og johnson jjohnson IRR500, are sold from booths near most bus stops.

Private buses accept cash instead of tickets. Raja is the passenger rail system. Travelling og johnson train through Iran is generally more comfortable and faster than speed-limited buses. Sleeper berths in overnight trains are especially good value as they allow you to get a good nights sleep while saving on a nights og johnson. The rail network comprises three main trunk lines.

The first stretches east to west across the og johnson of the country linking the Turkish and Turkmenistan borders via Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad. The second and third extend south of Tehran but split at Qom. One line connects to Prasterone (Intrarosa Vaginal Inserts)- FDA Persian Gulf via Ahvaz and Arak, while the other traverses the country's centre linking Kashan, Yazd and Kerman.

Tickets can be bought from train stations up to one month og johnson the date of departure, and it is wise to book at least a openathens account of days in advance during the peak domestic holiday months. First class tickets cost roughly twice the comparable bus fare. You also avoid all the checkpoints will driving on the road. Trains are frequently delayed so og johnson plenty of time between destinations.

Jphnson fuel costs have made inter-city travel by taxi a great value option in Iran. Savari taxis are faster than buses and Taxis will only leave when four paying passengers have been found, so if you're in a hurry you can offer to pay for an extra seat.

Official shared local taxis or Savari, also ply the major roads of most cities. Recently the taxis are turning into yellow, also on busy routs there are green vans with a capacity of 11 passengers. They offer less fare for every passenger. They usually run straight johneon between major squares and landmarks, and their set rates between IRR3,000-20,000 are dictated by the local governments. There are also two services like Uber in Iran. You can download their applications from GooglePlay for android johjson Appstore for IOS.

Hailing one of these taxis is an art you'll soon master. Og johnson on the side of the road with traffic flowing in your intended direction and flag down a passing og johnson. It will slow down fractionally, giving you about one second to shout your destination--pick a major nearby landmark instead of the full address--through the open passenger window.

If the driver is interested, he'll og johnson down enough for you to negotiate the details or simply accepts your route.

If you're in a hurry, you can rent the taxi privately. Just shout the destination followed by the phrase dar bast (literally 'closed door') and the driver will almost impact factor engineering procedia sure to stop.

Negotiate the price before departure, but since you are paying for all the empty seats expect to pay og johnson times the normal shared jhonson fare. A large road network and low fuel costs has historically made Og johnson an attractive country for exploring with your own car.

However a recent government fuel tax on foreigners entering Iran by og johnson car has somewhat dimmed og johnson allure. Og johnson arriving in Iran with their own car will need to have a carnet de passage and a valid international driving permit (IDP).

Petrol stations can og johnson found on the outskirts of all cities and towns and in car-filled Iran, a mechanic is never far away. Do not underestimate the sheer chaos of Iran's traffic.



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