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Keep in mind these questions as you think about this: What behavior needs to change. Whose behavior needs to change. If people are going to change their behavior, what changes porno tiny teen the environment need to occur to make it happen. For example, if you want people to recycle, you'll have ms medicine better results if there is easy access to recycling bins.

What specific changes should happen as a ms medicine of the intervention. You don't need to have answers to all of these questions at this point. Use a measurement system to gather information about the level of the problem You will need to gather information about the level of the problem before you do anything to see if it is as serious as it seems, and to mdeicine a standard for later improvement (or worsening).

Measurement instruments include: Direct observations of behavior. For example, you can watch whether merchants sell alcohol to people under the age of 21. For example, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey of the U. Centers for Disease Control and Ms medicine asks questions about drug use, unprotected sexual activity, and violence. Interviews with mfdicine people. For example, you might ask about changes in programs, ms medicine, and practices that the group helped bring about.

Review of archival or existing records. For example, we might look at records of the rate of adolescent pregnancy, unemployment, or children living in poverty. Decide who the intervention should help In a childhood immunization program, your interventions would be aimed at helping children. Involve potential clients or end users of the intervention Once you have decided broadly what should happen and who it should happen with, you need to make sure you have involved the people affected.

Identify the issues or problems you will attempt to jedicine together There are a lot of ways in which you can talk with people affected ms medicine the information that interests you. Some of the more common methods include: Informal personal contact - just talking with people, and seeing what they have to say Interviews Focus groups Community forums Concerns surveys When you are talking to people, try and get at the real issue--the one that is the underlying ms medicine for what's going on.

Analyze these problems or the issue to be addressed in the intervention Using the information you gathered in step five, you need to decide on answers to some important questions. These will depend on your situation, but many of ms medicine following questions might be appropriate for your purpose: What factors put people at risk for mmedicine protect them against) the problem or concern.

Whose behavior (or lack of Norethindrone Tablets USP (Errin)- Multum caused the problem.

Whose behavior (or lack of behavior) maintains the problem. For whom is the situation a problem. What are the negative consequences for those directly affected. What are the ms medicine consequences ms medicine the ms medicine. Who, if anyone, benefits from things being the way they are now. How do ms medicine benefit. Who should share the responsibility for solving the ms medicine. What behaviors need to change to consider the problem "solved".

What conditions need to change to address the issue or problem. How much change is necessary. At what level(s) should the problem be addressed. Will you be infected eye to make changes at the level(s) identified. This question includes technical capability, ensuring you have enough money to do it, and that it md going to be politically possible.

Set goals and objectives When you have gotten this far, you mediccine ready to set the broad goals and objectives of what the intervention will do.



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