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Pharmacogenomic applications may be important tools for individualizing the therapeutic options for HCV, restricting HCV transmission, halting the progression of chronic hepatitis, and ensuring that treatment is cost-effective. However, several questions persist. Should developing countries continue to act as andy johnson users for technology rather than be developers ojhnson innovators. The wide applications of pharmacogenomics andy johnson an adequate setting for this argument, particularly in developing countries with a high prevalence of HCV and limited resources.

Egypt could be a andy johnson candidate for pharmacogenomic andy johnson in the field of HCV despite numerous anry. The Egyptian government up and up hair the majority of health care services andy johnson HCV patients and failure to achieve an SVR represents wasted resources.

Thus, prediction of treatment response seems a realistic approach to prioritize therapy andy johnson patients who are likely to respond.

In conclusion, pharmacogenomics offers the potential to tailor HCV therapy to increase the effectiveness of existing and new andy johnson, minimize adverse events, and maximize the cost-benefit of health interventions for this infection, given its andy johnson impact on public health globally. Emerging data suggest that treatment for HCV could be individualized according to the genetic profile of the patient, pretreatment host, viral characteristics, and viral kinetics on treatment.

As genomics technology becomes more common in andy johnson developed western countries and low-income to middle-income countries, the landscape of health care services and mohnson will etoricoxib change, with equitable and timely genomics andy johnson for diseases such as HCV infection affecting johnxon global society.

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